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Growing up amidst the richly diverse hills and valleys around Torino has a lasting effect on those who reside there. Local artisans deliver up a wide array of bountiful foods drawn from nature’s trove and Italian mammas ensure there is always food on the table at the right time so that the flow of daily life continues. This is the system that underpins a typical Italian lifestyle even today. Languishing over ‘proper’ lunches that bring lasting satisfaction is the norm and, although quite vocal at times, these people are rarely stressed. Despite this reverence towards their food, obesity isn’t much of a problem in Italy. When the food is of good quality and the body’s needs are sated, there’s no need to snack. People walk more than ride to where they’re going – there’s no hurry and life is good.

When Dino moved from Turin to the UK to improve his English and find gainful employ, he was a young man and focused intently on making his way in the world. He was so focused that he didn’t pay too much heed to the foods that he grabbed to sustain himself from the local supermarkets and over time gained quite a bit of weight. Dino’s health also declined – that was what made him start to wonder what was happening and to link it to the change in his diet. But there was another thing – Dino really missed his mamma’s cooking and the flavours and quality of the foods he’d grown up eating. What could he do?

So Dino began to search for deli’s and farmers’ markets that stock artisan Italian foods but it wasn’t so easy. Even after he’d found these places, there were no guarantees on what they would stock, so what next? Well, there was another option. Dino could get his childhood friend Mario to post him something now and then – but there was no consistency. Dino knew he needed a system to ensure a regular supply of the foods that brought him comfort and contentment if he was to return to his former Adonis-like glory (ok – health!). It was with this in mind that one of their regular Skype conversations bore the idea of The Eatalian Job – to share the happy-making experience – why not?

Since this idea became a reality, Dino has kept his kitchen cupboards fully loaded with quality Italian non-perishable food and wine, so he only needs to shop locally once a week for a few fresh items in order to make delicious, wholesome and speedy meals for himself and the many friends he seems to have acquired since improving his food stock. Dino and Mario bring you The Eatalian Job so you too can share in the comfort of knowing you can have quality produce delivered to your door to make your life tastier and more fun!

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