The Eatalian Job, passione Italiana

Bringing quality Italian food to your door

You try to come up with new ideas, but in the end, people just want to eat Italian food

The Eatalian Job is about bringing the produce of selected small Italian artisan food makers to the market so you can sample what we Italians enjoy so much.

The wine comes from small producers who have come together to bring a very fine product to market for your delectation ~ very authentic, very natural and very good!

Italian food is all about good ingredients and passion

We brand the products with our own label because many of these producers do not go to the trouble of selling their produce in a commercial way.

Much of our produce is organic and does not contain substitute ingredients or fillers that aim for a higher profit margin whilst sacrificing quality.

When the stars make you drool just like a pasta fasul, that's amore

So, please go to our webshop, have a look at our small range of produce (we will be adding more in due course) and make your selection. We look forward to fulfilling your order and hearing what you think of our food.

We will be happy to interact with you to improve what we do and bring an ever- improving product range to your door within the UK.

Happy Shopping, Happier Eating! Mario & Donato

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